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Is There Bullying And Violence In Your Kids School

Pulling down somebody will never make you reach the top!

Bullying and violence in schools are not uncommon. Even in big schools they happen to some extent and go unnoticed. There are aggressive children out there in schools who feel that they can throw their weight upon sensitive and mild-tempered children. This bullying

Find Out How To Choose The Right School


This is that time of the year when you are actively searching for a good school for your child. The academic year is about to begin in about a month and you are hot on the trail. You have already taken the opinion of your friends and colleagues. You have checked the websites of numerous schoo

School Admissions Made Simple By Enrolment Desk


The academic year has almost come to an end. There are many of you who are looking to relocate from one place to the other, or you are seeking a better school for your child. This is a tough situation as you need to coordinate numerous things. Taking care of relocation is one thing, but looki



To breeze through exams, it would surely be very crucial for the students to stay calm and be controlled. If you are a student who is taking his / her final exams then in order to get through it you need to keep yourself stress-free. Here, in the article, we are going to talk about some of the tips which you can put to use to be successful in your e

Online Admissions Made Easy By Enrolment Desk


There was a directive from the University Grants Commission Chairman Ved Prakash, last year, urging all educational institutions to initiate the process of online admissions. The circular was issued to all state and central varsities. This move makes one think as to why there is so much empha

Online School Admissions New Trend In Education Sector


School admissions have always been an hectic task, both for the parents and the school administration.. For schools, it is about managing the overwhelming number of application forms. It has become a daunting task to manage the admission process manually. The task becomes even more difficult when you have to keep a record of the admitted students. W

Preschools Help Children In Learning


A new study reports that preschools help boost the academic careers of children who have fewer educational experiences at home. The effect lasts until secondary school education. Students who went to preschool are twice as likely to gain distinction than students who did not attend one. The s

Rapid Expansion In Indian Education


In a recent interview, National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) Vice Chairman Arvind Panagariya said that India needed a rapid expansion in its higher education systems. He said that this was more important than transformation in industrialization, and urbanization as only edu

5 Reasons On Why To Choose An International School


Choosing the right school for your child requires a lot of thought process and deliberation. In India, there are various types of boards for primary and secondary education like SSC, CBSE and ICSE. Each board has its own unique curriculum and teaching method. So, choosing the right one for your child can be a challenge. Although all these boards hav

Internationalization Of Indian Higher Education


India has been singing the reform song for the past twenty years and it hasn’t yet reached a crescendo! After opening up for the international and global markets, the need for reforms had been put forward or rather thrust upon due to dire need.

Governments and successive governments talked about reforms in

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