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Promoting your institute used to be such a simple affair. You gave some advertisements in the local newspaper, got some awesome looking brochures printed and distributed it among people around. And your job was basically done. Next thing was that you would await some inquiries from eager parents of your perhaps prospective students and the admission

Enrolmentdesk Announces Online Application Facility For Kidzee And Mount Litera Zee School From Its Website


Enrolmentdesk recently announced that it would provide facilities to apply for Kidzee and Mount Litera Zee School from its website. This is a huge development for the cause of EnrolmentDesk as they have been serving as a bridge between educational institutions and parents. Now, parents who want to apply for these above schools to ge

Why Preschools Have Become Necessary


Not too long ago, preschools used to be a past time of the local aunt who would take time out of her domestic chores and take care of the little ones. The activities ranged from creche to teaching basic things that would be useful when children eventually attended schools.

But today,



It is widely known that there are three primary factors that contribute toward a student's success: the efforts of the students, proper guidance by the teachers, and immense support of the parents. In most of the cases though parents want to support their children, they hardly have any idea as to where their children need their help the most. To hav

How To Select The Best Preschool For Your Kid

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Importance of preschool:

Preschool is also called as playschool or nursery school. It's where your children go before you join them in a primary school. Preschool plays a key role in your kid's' foundation for the future. The first five years of their life is very important as it helps in the c



Are you still travelling all the way, knocking on school doors, just to find whether admission forms are out or not? You may not want to disclose your answer but for those who are rocking a "yes" within themselves, there is just one advice: please stop! Man this is twenty-first century. Who takes all that hassle? Have you ever heard of something cal

Why Choose Modi Academic International Institute

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Modi Academic International Institute (MAII) is the first accredited American University in India. It's a joint venture between the K.K. Modi Group and Stratford University. Modi Academic International Institute has been in the business of transforming lives by bringing international education to India since 2001

Application Form To Online Change In School Admission System

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Online School Admission System, as the name implies, helps schools to automate the admission procedure. Increasing number of students seeking admission is causing tremendous pressure on the school management system to manage and conduct admission process manually. Parents also have to constantly relocate due to the nature of their jobs. With reloc

Add Value To Your Customers Lives

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Abhinav Upadhyay is Head-Marketing & Innovation, Zee Learn Ltd Originally Published in Hindu Business Line Catalyst on 15th of October 2015

Part Two of how to build your brand as you widen your reach

Cbse And Icse What S The Difference

Author : EnrolmentDesk

In the circles of education in India, if there is a topic that's most talked about, then it would certainly be the difference between CBSE and ICSE boards. There are many misnomers regarding these two systems and it would certainly benefit parents if they clearly understand the difference.<

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