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Education Trends In India

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Education sector in India is set to cross $600 billion this year and is one of the major employment generators in this country. Education in India is also poised to cross the developed countries in terms of numbers in the coming years. What is really cooking here and what are the trends that would decide the future of millions in this country?

Smatrkidz Play And Grow Smart

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Smartkidz, the branded chain of preschools started by M/s Smartkidz Educare India Pvt. Ltd. has more than 200 plus centres in India and is spreading further. This success is attributed to the fact that their teaching methodologies have been immensely successful. And, this is the reason why

Preschooling Can Entertain Engage And Enlighten Your Kid

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Children are playful by nature. They love to play with toys, observe the surroundings, eager to learn new things, and are very active. Play schools provide a great platform for tiny tots to play with different kind of toys that are appropriate.

Playing o

Rock Solid Foundation From Shemrock Schools

Author : EnrolmentDesk

If one has to put it poetically one can say "A school maketh and a school breaketh." Yes! this is very much true for everyone. If a kid goes to a great school, he/she is more likely to have good teaching, good company, and ultimately a great education that is a foundation for a good career.

6 Current Trends In Indian Education

Author : EnrolmentDesk

There is a lot happening in the field of education and especially in India. While the United Nations sets targets to ensure that there is uniformity in education, the affluent witness education taking a turn towards technology. What’s really going on in the education sector and how is

Oi Play School Admissions On Enrolmentdesk

Oi play school announced its presence on EnrolmentDesk this month. For all those parents, and those who have their interests in educational institutions, this is an interesting news.

First, Oi (Oakridge International) is one of the premier educational institutions in India and is known for providing world class education at very high standards. Oi has intern

Pre school marketing for parents

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Pre school is a market where hundreds of pre primary schools in cities available for enrolment. Parent community is the buyer and pre schools the seller. Proper market evaluation and painstaking research helps in identifying the right preschool for your toddler.

In every area of activity there is marketing and

Enrolmentdesk To Work With Mount Litera Zee School

Author : EnrolmentDesk

This March EnrolmentDesk had the privilege of being associated with Mount Litera Zee School. This is the beginning of a great partnership that looks promising.

We would like to bring a quantum improvement in the school education where children realise their unique potential,” is their vision statement. Th

Graduate In India

Author : EnrolmentDesk

While students in India look out for foreign countries like USA, and European countries for further education, there is quite an opposite trend that is fast capturing the imagination of foreign students. Study in India!

If someone asks for proof if there is any such trend, then that someone may as well have a l

Cbse Education A Time Tested Format

Author : EnrolmentDesk

If there is a mode of education that has stood the test of time in India, then it is the CBSE mode. It has evolved over time taking in inputs from various forms of education. Changing syllabus, yet retaining the core idea of education has been the reason for CBSE's success.

I studied in the CBSE mode of educati

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