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Keep In Mind Skill Development While Going For Post Graduation

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Post graduate aspirants should keep in mind skill development as their main goal to shine in career. This focus will enable them to fill national as well as global talent crunch

NASSCOM estimates three million graduates and post graduates entering Indian

Promise Of Global Class Education Fulfilled

Author : EnrolmentDesk

A promise to deliver far more than educational curriculum in the vision statement of Gowtham Model High School looks credible after they have achieved a place in the parents’ minds as a trustworthy educational institution.

After its inception in 19


Author : EnrolmentDesk"Exams are fast approaching. There is some tension in air. Everyone is seemed to be so very engrossed in studies..... And there is fear of failure lurking around the corner as well. There is this need to kill out this fear otherwise this fear will drown you deep into the sea of failure."

Here, in the article, we a

Quality In Vocational Courses Will Make India A Superpower

Author : EnrolmentDesk

When there is groaning for skilled personnel by industries and lot of unemployment in India, there is need for concerted effort to provide vocational training courses to meet the demand with supply

In the backdrop of high expectation of quality in the in

Coaching Nothing Is Born In This World Without Labor

Author : EnrolmentDesk

The difference in the atmosphere in a college and a coaching center is testimony enough to prove the focus of students and their intent. This is equally reciprocated by the coaching centers by breeding and multiplying in great numbers

Yes, students do ap

A Good Review Is Worth Many Ads

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Do you run a CBSE or CBSE affiliated school in India? Then, you might find this essential.

EnrolmentDesk invites schools to take past/current student reviews on their portal. EnrolmentDesk is a fast growing education portal serving as a valuable conduit

Rainbow Group Of Institutions Schools Hyderabad Signs Up With Enrolment Desk To Ease Admissions

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Rainbow Group of Institutions has decided to enter online admission portal EnrolmentDesk to make admissions simple. The group has high schools and preschools mentioned below:

  • Rainbow Public Schoo
Nurture Curiosity And Creativity With Preschooling

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Play is absolutely essential to childhood; it’s like sunshine, broccoli, and love all juiced together. Know more about play and preschool in this article.

Do you think pre schooling is really a necessity for kids at such a tender age of 2 or 3 years?


Vet And The German Tilt

Author : EnrolmentDesk

In a recent news, when P.M Modi visited Germany, there was a lot of persuasion from our side to set up manufacturing units in India. Industry experts however felt, apart from the establishment hurdles in India, there was a huge deficit in the number of skilled employees. And, there was an answer from Germany.




There is a huge list of CBSE affiliated schools that would give you no idea at all about their quality. Lot more goes in terms of researching out the best CBSE schools in India. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is the oldest and largest board for secondary education in India.

As proclaimed by CBSE as t

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