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State And Future Of Higher Education In India


Over the last two decades, India has remarkably transformed its higher education landscape. It has created widespread access to low cost/high quality university education for students of all levels. With well planned expansion and a student centric, learning driven model of education, India has not only bettered its enrolment numbers, but has dramat



There was a recent article in Times of India newspaper that most of the postgraduate colleges were witnessing a record low-turnout this year. Interestingly, the subjects that had low turnout were biochemistry, chemistry, education, physics, botany, microbiology, plant science, psychology, Urdu, zoology, Hindi, Sanskrit, mass communication and geogra



As a lecturer of physics, I have an experience of over 10 years teaching in intermediate colleges. As I see a new batch come in, a regular exercise of mine is, to gauge who the good students are and who need more guidance.

Many students pass out with good marks and some of them have to take the supplementary exam



Playschool is not a play thing. When we intend to enrol the 'apple of our eye' in a play school it is a decision that needs some diligence in prospecting the proper kind of play school. Some of the best play schools of India have stringent regulations in the matters of safety and wellbeing of the children.

Not only do they provide a good env

Do We Go By The Name Of The School

Author : EnrolmentDesk

There is no second opinion about this. Education system in India is getting complicated and there are many cosmetic changes than on the foundation levels. As parents, we have to be quite canny if we don’t want to fall for names.


Whats In A Name International School Play School


The Bard, a poem by William Gray, reminded us that a name by itself means nothing. It's what's behind the name that really matters. Nowadays, we hear a lot about international schools and play schools in the field of education. What are they really? What is an international school and what exactly makes it international? Does mere inclusion of word

As Education Goes Online

Author : EnrolmentDesk

My son reminds me of a popular advertisement aired on TV recently. In that ad, the son always buries his nose in the smartphone and wears an impish face while the father is totally vexed with that kind of behaviour.

How typical I thought

Free Registration For More Admissions In Schools

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Online education portal Enrolmentdesk invites preschools, schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to join them for increased admissions free of cost. With services including promotion, and facilitation of admissions, Enrolmentdesk is a crucial partner for educ

A Shorter Route To Get More School Admissions

Author : EnrolmentDesk

It always pleases a school administration to see long queues to their admission counters, but does it translate into real admissions? Is your school not reaching its target admissions? Perhaps it’s time to chuck the policy of making parents queue up for admissions and think of something else.

Top schools

My Childs First Day At The Nursery

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Have you ever had the feeling that it was just yesterday your child was born? How did he/she all of a sudden come of age to go to preschool? I had the same feeling on the first day of my son's preschool. I was excited, nervous and frightened all at the same time. Excited for the new journey he is going to start, nervous about how he is going to co

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