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The Purpose Of Post Graduation

Is post graduation the next best thing in life or is it as good as sitting at home and watching TV? Is it worth a post graduation for an employee to grow in career?

Post graduation is certainly a mandatory course and not one that can be pursued with the lighthearted attitude of a graduate course. The question is,

Quality Of Intermediate Colleges

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Not many except in the academics or in the administration of an intermediate college know the guidelines laid down for intermediate college campuses. Here are a few of them for your information. Is your college adhering to it?

The board

Ambition Reshape Happens With Cbse Schools Education

Author : EnrolmentDesk

How CBSE school education act as a pillar to the economy? From CBSE to engineering; engineering to manufacturing; from manufacturing to economic growth... A closer look in the links that contribute to nation’s growth.

An article titled CBSE reviews 3 tough Class XII papers in the Tribune

Online Admissions Have Come to Stay

Author : EnrolmentDesk

At a time when admissions were cumbersome and time consuming, online admission application has emerged as a boon for time and quality conscious enrolment aspirants

Gautami and Naren couple have two children - Hema and Nandini. Hema is studying in 7th standard and Nandini is studying in 6th stan

Imparting Employable Skills through Vocational training

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Vocational training programs have made a huge difference in the lives of countless young people nationwide. Get to know more about vocational education by reading this insightful article.

Madhuri always dreamt to become a fashion designer, but her father wants to see her as an engineer. But, she never showed any interest t



Empowering the youth of the country is the key to generate employment and entrepreneurship. Merely relying on theoretical knowledge is no longer the norm for the future vision of India what with 'Make in India' going strong.

It is typical



One need not reiterate the importance of intermediate education, one only has to urge parents and students to readjust their focus so that they don't fall prey to the numerous colleges who promise the moon and end up giving six pence.


Skills More Important Than Education


Ahmedabad is synonymous with quality in education. This city hosts country's premier management institute IIM that produced brilliant corporate honchos, management gurus, entrepreneurs etc. From this, one should understand the expectation from the student community by various stakeholders in



The perception of students in India during the software boom was “why masters when you can get a job right away?” Now there is renewed importance for postgraduate education and this is heartening as this has improved employability.

There was a time when students were in a hurry. They would not even wait to finish

Vocational Education At Different Levels

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Vocational education is training with work, and understanding knowledge related to occupations. How do we know if the courses designed are creating students who are fit to enter industries?

While planning the vocational courses list for a region say a di

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