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Keep In Mind Skill Development While Going For Post Graduation

Author : EnrolmentDesk

Post graduate aspirants should keep in mind skill development as their main goal to shine in career. This focus will enable them to fill national as well as global talent crunch

NASSCOM estimates three million graduates and post graduates entering Indian



There was a recent article in Times of India newspaper that most of the postgraduate colleges were witnessing a record low-turnout this year. Interestingly, the subjects that had low turnout were biochemistry, chemistry, education, physics, botany, microbiology, plant science, psychology, Urdu, zoology, Hindi, Sanskrit, mass communication and geogra

The Purpose Of Post Graduation

Is post graduation the next best thing in life or is it as good as sitting at home and watching TV? Is it worth a post graduation for an employee to grow in career?

Post graduation is certainly a mandatory course and not one that can be pursued with the lighthearted attitude of a graduate course. The question is,

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