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EnrolmentDesk – is an online platform created with a commitment to provide reliable services that promote access & equity among student community and help them to select the right institute to pursue their choice of study.

Serving as a bridge between students & institutes, we provide information and insight to students (&/or their family) about the institutes/courses & also actively support the institutes in increasing their visibility/marketability (to a larger pool of students) and facilitate in their enrolment process by providing them with an online admission management system integrated with a payment gateway.

We serve the student community with ‘search – shortlist – apply and get enroled’ facility. We provide them with a database of institutes with their offerings and an advance search tool which enables them to shortlist the institutes across geographies/class/type and make an application to get enroled into them.

Basic Membership is open to all students – FREE OF COST.

Oshiyama Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Hyderabad based company established in 2013. Compelling product ideas, creative use of design and intuitive user interface backed by a knowledgeable sales force and customer service are the hallmarks of Oshiyama Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The vision of Oshiyama Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd is to develop grass root technology solutions to improve living & working conditions by nurturing the ideas that are beneficial, user-friendly, ethical and harnessing the benefits of Know-how, processes, systems & technologies.