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At EuroKids, we have been redefining early childhood education for over 15 years with our focus on providing a fun based learning environment. Keeping the 'Child First' ideology at the core of our pedagogy, our team ensures that the child's development, safety and engagement needs are met in a home like environment as your child can play, learn & grow and imbibe essential life skills.

EuroKids is all about bringing together the perfect pre-school experience for your child. By providing emphasis on the child's security, focussing on high levels of cleanliness and hygiene, providing a structured curriculum and ensuring the child's well-being & development in close coordination with parents, we bring to you an experience that actually becomes Your Child's Second Home!
Our innovations include specially crafted initiatives and programs for your child like S.P.E.A.K. Motion Based Learning, Learn2Play, EuroGym, EuroMusic and Wellness@EuroKids which provides your child a fun learning experience and helps him/her enjoy the pre-schooling world.

Today our network has a presence of more than 900 Pre-Schools across 3 countries, 350 towns & cities, having nurtured over 300,000 children. With over 17 awards in the education segment including Early Child Playschool Chain 2017, Asia's Most Trusted Pre-School Brand 2016, Indian Power Brand 2016, Innovation in Early Learning 2016, EuroKids is setting benchmarks by REINVENTING EDUCATION.

Curriculum: Learning is a life skill that goes beyond reading, writing & counting. Through constant innovation & years of experience in early child care & education we ensure the right balance of stimulation and age appropriate learning in every child. Our latest Version 6.0 curriculum is based on research findings by Centre on The Developing Child at Harvard University that focuses on building 'Executive Function Skills' (EFS), that are crucial for building positive behaviour in children from an early age.

A typical day at our Pre-School includes singing, dancing and exploring play activities. These fun based activities ensure your child unearths his/her creativity, discovers, explores and learns new things every day. In addition, through EuroGym and outdoor play we ensure a healthy balance of mental & physical developments in your child.

From child friendly furniture to playful exciting ambience and facilities, EuroKids offers your child a great environment to help them discover a new world every day. Infrastructure facilities built as per international standards & guidelines ensures your child gets the new-age learning experience in the safest and most stimulating Pre-School environment.

At EuroKids, every child is provided with a nurtured environment filled with colours and laughter that gives your child an all-round learning experience. For your little bundle of joy, EuroKids becomes their Second home when they are introduced to an ambience like this.

EuroKids International Preschool in Agra

EuroKids International Preschool in Bengaluru

EuroKids International Preschool in Chennai

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EuroKids International Preschool in Indore

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