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At EuroSchool, we believe that a good school is one that extends beyond merely providing infrastructure, educational amenities and schooling facilities to young children. EuroSchool is focussed towards educating young minds and mentoring children to build the fabric of students within the school premises. We focus on the holistic development of a child i.e. with a focus on 'balanced schooling' that maintains an equilibrium between academic and non- academic curriculum, to ensure the all-round development of the child. While the focus does lie on our students doing well in academics, there is equal impetus given to a child fulfilling his/her creative or sporting or musical aspirations through exposure to physical education, sports, dance, music and art and craft forms, in the schooling curriculum.

The Balanced Schooling ideology allows children to explore different activities which they feel that they would be comfortable in or would like to indulge in. We help children discover a gamut of different activities like physical education, sports, dance, music, art & craft etc. Further, we encourage their participation in different co-curricular clubs like Literature Club, Math Club, Robotics Club, Science Club, Nature Club among others.

At EuroSchool, our emphasis is on the 'learning ability' rather than merely the 'learnt'. We strengthen and reinforce the learning ability and the various aptitudes of the student so that children are transformed into 'learners' rather than a repository of the 'learnt'. Teacher- student engagements are structured to focus on a child's inherent strengths and impart 21 st century learnings making the child future ready.

EuroSchool is affiliated to the ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE boards and has nurtured over 20,000 students across 10 locations in 6 cities of Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Surat.

EuroSchool Classrooms are much more than four walls and a roof. They are a purpose built learning environment that stimulates, inspires and promotes learning. They are relaxed, open, airy and conducive of sustaining a good frame of mind that is attentive and ready to absorb information and knowledge. The seating systems are ergonomically planned to promote good posture and comfort. Our class rooms are connected with high speed broadband, and feature the latest audio visual systems in the form of the Smart Class System.

EuroSchools will formally announce the commencement of Admissions by publishing the dates for issue and submission of application forms on or around the month of October - November in all leading periodicals. The information will also be uploaded on the school website

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