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1.  What is Enrolmentdesk.com (enrolmentdesk)?

     Enrolmentdesk.com (enrolmentdesk) is the online application system to apply to multiple schools/institutes/organisation using a single
     form. It is a tool that will help you optimize your application process to schools/institutes and save money while you’re at it.

2.  Who can apply through Enrolmentdesk.com?

     Anyone, who is interested to get admission into schools/institutes listed on enrolmentdesk can apply through enrolmentdesk.com.

3.   Is the Enrolmentdesk.com application authorized by institutes?

     Yes. All the application forms in enrolmentdesk.com are approved by respective institutes. Applying through enrolmentdesk is same as
     applying using the physical forms. You don’t have to fill a separate form or give any application fee to the institute.

4.   How does Enrolmentdesk.com work? 

     Select the schools /institutes you want to apply to, fill the common application form & make the payment for institutes you are applying to.
     Your application forms will be sent to schools / institutes immediately & you will receive alerts from schools /institutes once the payment is
     approved by the respective bank.

5.  What happens after I submit the form? 

     Institutes will proceed with the enrolment process like - viewing your application - calling you for entrance test - Group Discussion/ Interview,
     submission of documents admitting or rejecting your applications. 

6.  What is the advantage of applying through ENROLMENTDESK?

     1   View different schools /institutes from your area of interest & their admission details
     2   Fill one application form & apply to multiple schools /institutes
     3   Pay online securely or DD/Cheque deposit
     4   Track your application status at every step & receive alerts
     5   Manage all your applications at one place
     6   Save money and the hassle of offline application process
     7   Save time and energy of travelling to individual institutes across different locations 

7.  How do I ensure I don't miss-out on emails from Enrolmentdesk.

     Sometimes, emails can get sent to your Junk folder by mistake. To avoid this, you'll need to add Enrolmentdesk.com to your contacts or          safe-sender list. We've assembled some steps on how to do this on your email program. 

1.   How do I see institutes that are present in enrolmentdesk.com? 

     First select the programme you want to study (from the navigation bar) and then your area of interest. You will see list of institutes offering
     courses in your area of interest. You can also shortlist institutes by their location / affiliation and other parameters provided. 

2.   How do I find right institutes based on my requirements?

     There are various tools, which will help you find the right institutes based on your requirements. 

     1   Search for institute names, location, course names & more in the search box on the top.
     2   Apply filters on various parameters on the left side to narrow down the list & find exact match.
     3   Sort the list of institutes based on views, last date & price. 

3.   How do you find more about the institutes in ENROLMENTDESK?

     You can click on the institute names to view more details information.

4.   What information about a institute can I find on enrolmentdesk.com? 

     You can view all the admission related information to make a better decision. The institute page contains details on the list of courses,
     eligibility criteria, admission process, placement details, salary information, contact details, pictures & videos about the institute and so on.

5.   Do I need to register or login to view institute details?

     No. you can browse through the institute details without registering. You can choose to register once you find right institutes in our site.

6.   . I don't want to apply for all the courses in the form. How do I select my preferred course in the forms that I have applied? 

     Application, you will be asked to select your course preference for that institute program. Institutes will see your preference & admission will
     be considered for courses in the order of the preference you choose.

7.   How do I know the admission process for each course or institute? 

     You can find this information in the institute form detail page. All the steps part of the admissions for each institute course is mentioned on
     this page.

8.   How do I ensure I don't miss-out on emails from Enrolmentdesk ? 

     Sometimes, emails can get sent to your Junk folder by mistake. To avoid this, you'll need to add Enrolmentdesk.com to your contacts or
     safe sender list. We've assembled some steps on how to do this on your email program.


1.   Do I need to register in Enrolmentdesk.com to submit application? 

     Yes. You need to be registered on our site to fill the application form. It will take not more than 2-3 minutes to fill up. Just put in your
      information and agree to the terms and conditions and enjoy the various benefits of being an enrolmentdesk member.

2.   Why should I register on the site? 

     Registering on our site would create a profile for you. Using this profile you can save your application data, so that you don’t have to fill the
     form again, view transaction details & status of applications submitted so far, track application status & set up alerts, send & receive
     messages from institutes.

3.   What Information do I need to register on Enrolmentdesk.com?

     You would need Name, E-mail, Mobile number, password & location to register on our site.

4.   I have forgotten my password, what should I do? 

     You can reset your password by clicking on the “forgot password” link in the login/registration page. You will be asked for your registered
     Email Id. If your Email id is valid, then we will send you the link to reset your password on the same e-mail id. 


1.   Do I need to register or login to fill the form?

     Yes. You need to be registered on our site to fill the application form

2.   Can I see the sample application form & details I need to fill?

     Yes. You can view the same at www.enrolmentdesk.com/help/sample-form

3.   What are the requirements for filling the application form? 

     You need to have information on basic details, your qualification & marks and your exam details. Also make sure you have passport size
     photo soft copy to upload as well. (You can upload the photo after submitting the application as well). View the sample application form at


4.   What if I don’t have my photo? 

     Make sure you have passport size photo soft copy to upload. If you are facing any issue with uploading your photo,
      then send us your photo mentioning your user ID details to Support@enrolmentdesk.We will upload it for you.

5.   Do I need to upload my certificates & mark sheets as well? 

     Yes. You have to upload few documents including your photo. Kindly carry the original certificates & a set of photocopy of all certificates
      when visiting the institute for further admission processes. 

6.   Do I need to fill the application form every time I apply to an institute? 

     No! When you submit your first application, we save your details. If you want to apply to more institutes again, then your details will be
     preloaded in the application form. 


1.   What are the payment options available?

     You can pay using credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking.

2.   Money is deducted from my card/bank account, but my application is not submitted. Why? 

     This may happen due to technical failure at the Bank or Payment Gateway's end. Do not worry as payment on enrolmentdesk.com is safe
     and secure. Your money will be refunded within 7 to 10 working days automatically in such situations. If you are facing any issue with the
     refund, then just drop an email to us mentioning your details (e-mail Id, mobile number) or call our customer care team

3.   . Is my card or bank account detail safe?

     The payment gateway is 100 % secure & 256 bit SSL certified. Also, all the online payment is PCI compliant, so your data is absolutely

4.   My payment failed. What should I do now?

     You can check the status of your payment on your ENROLMENTDESK dashboard or Email. In case your payment didn't process, you may
     have to pay the application fee again to submit the form. Rest assured you don’t have to fill the form again. Your form details are saved
     and will be pre-filled once you login.

5.   Will I get receipt for my payment?

     Yes! Once your payment is completed, you will be able take a print out or download the receipt. A receipt will be sent to your e-mail Id as


1.   Can I take the download of my applications I submitted? 

     Yes. Once your payment is successful, you will be directed to a page with information about your transaction. You will be able to see
     institutes that you have applied to, select the course preference & take the download of individual applications for each institute. This will
     serve as an official acknowledgment from the institute side. You should carry the printout of the acknowledgement copy when you visit the

2.   When will institutes respond on my form? How will I know the status of my form?

     Institutes will respond to your application as per the admission calendar. Some institutes will respond immediately, where as some
     institutes will respond after the last date of the application. If you have not received any response from the institute, then call up the institute
     directly & check your details. The contact person for every application will be mentioned on the application form for that institute. You will
     also receive alerts (E-mail or SMS) when institute takes an action on your application.

3.   What are the alerts I will receive after submitting my application? 

     You will receive alerts for Successfully submitting your application, when institutes view your application, calls you for test/entrance exam/
     Group discussion / Personal interview, acceptance &/or rejection of your application. 

4.   Can I cancel my applications after making the payment? Will I get a refund of money?

     No. Once your application is sent to institute, you will not be able to cancel the application form. Also the money paid will not be refunded.


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