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List of Klayschools Preschools

Admission Details | List of KLAY schools in India | Bengaluru | Noida | Gurgaon | Hyderabad | NewDelhi

KLAY Schools are a chain of high-end preparatory schools catering to preschoolers and providing day care and after school services. KLAY schools are set up by Founding Years - A multi platform education services organization.

Kids, Learning and You - KLAY. Our name says a lot about our philosophy. We believe that the three important pillars in a young child's life are the father, mother and the teachers. A child is learning largely from their immediate environment - an environment they feel safe and secure in. Apart from a high quality preparatory schooling program, KLAY also has extremely safe, healthy and a learning based day care program across our centers.

KLAY the Best Play School in India caters to an age group of 1-10 years. Parents choose our school because of the high quality of teaching, education, infrastructure and resources that we provide - enabling our children to cope and succeed in the 21st century. They also choose KLAY because we are the Best Play School in India and believe that the school is a community of parents and they also have a say in how their children are educated and cared for.

List of KLAY Playschools in India. Get details about Location, Nursery programs, facilities, admission, forms, reviews and Apply Online

Klay Pre Schools and Daycare in Bengaluru

Klay Pre Schools and Daycare in Guntur

Klay Pre Schools and Daycare in Gurgaon

Klay Pre Schools and Daycare in Hyderabad

Klay Pre Schools and Daycare in New Delhi

Klay Pre Schools and Daycare in Noida

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