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  • Admissions for Little Ville
  • Admissions for Little Ville

List of Little Ville Preschools

List of Little Ville Preschools at Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Little Ville brings to a child the world of knowledge in a fun-filled manner. We kindle a child's desire to learn and present the environment where a child can climb the steps of knowledge with enthusiasm. With more than 30 years of collective experience in the field of child education and K 12 Education, we thoughtfully conceptualized this futuristic Preschool. Little Ville is the outcome of extensive research that explored various curriculum and accumulated their best aspects to present to the kids with a unique world of fun and learning.

Every child is unique and we take care to recognize the ability of each child so that they can unleash their full potential. The approach followed at Little Ville is aimed towards the overall development of the child through interactive and interesting ways. We groom the little wonders to think, imagine, explore, experience and learn to take sure steps towards a bright future.

At Play group children trained on,
To Achieve Independence, To Refine their Gross and Fine motor Coordination Help them to adjust to every first step to home school environment, Whole range of sensorial activities are included, Assist to build their social Emotional skills, Train children right from micro level understanding, The child develops hands on exploration with curiosity

Children at Nursery are growing intellectually on,
Begin to master the Life skills, Enhanced peer interaction, Gets a command over the language, Gets focused on Self Esteem, Assist to build their social Emotional skills, It encourages learning of new age skills, It also cultivates creativity

At KG classes children are,
Age appropriate with learning tools are used for the children, Encourages children to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings, Allows children to grow at their own pace, Building and enhancing vocabulary, Innovative methods to enhance reading & writing also effective parent session on how to overcome writing challenges.

At Little Ville centers, we provide a structured daycare program. We insist and bring about quality care and supervision for every Little Ville child. The day care age group starts from 9 months old and above.
Day Care brings about flexible timings for every individual parent and caters to individual needs and we also consider valuable suggestions from the parents for better child care at every given point of time. Apart from the care and nurture to the children we focus on their developmental milestones as well and engage the children at various activities and help them be ready for preschool.

Little Ville centers are functioning even after the preschool timings to provide and facilitate same age group as well as other age group children. We aim at engaging the children in various other extracurricular activities for better exposure, self-learning, being independent, confident and competitive for modern day standards. Activities like Chess, Carrom, Various Dance classes, sloka classes, Karate, Drawing and painting classes, spoken English, Art and Craft classes, Music, Calligraphy, Abacus, Yoga and meditation etc..

Our classrooms are designed for children to grow and learn in a clean, safe, creative and caring environment. Regular audits and training provided to ensure the excellent quality at every Little Ville. Ignite Focuses on holistic development of children which includes Physical, Intellectual, Socio- emotional and as well as creative development. These domains of development are considered for Assessing individual child to monitor their growth and development.

Little Ville Preschool in Bengaluru

Little Ville Preschool in Hyderabad

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