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Playschools, Preschools and Schools Admission in Patna

Listed below are some of the renowned educational institutes in PATNA which have been providing quality education to students. We help and make it easy for you to search, compare and select a good school also apply Online to our associate schools, with a curriculum that best suits the needs of your child, in your desired locality.

PRESCHOOLS: Many of the leading Preschool brands like Kidzee Preschool, EuroKids International Preschool, Bachpan Play School, Shemrock Preschool have their branches in PATNA to provide you with the best environment and preschool activities for your kids. Some preschools in PATNA also provide day care and after school care for the convenience of working couples. These Play schools use a prescribed and well tested Nursery curriculum for teaching.The Preschools in PATNA have their fees depending on location and facilities provided.

Here you can find the list of top play schools in PATNA along with essential information like address, telephone numbers, email ID,website, contact persons, timings, curriculum and also put-in an Online Application form for our associate brands.

SCHOOLS : PATNA has primarily schools affiliated to five boards, namely CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and State board. Here you can find the List of top rated schools in PATNA along with essential information like School Type, Curriculum, Facilities, Timings, Admission details, Brochure, Contact details - person, address, telephone numbers, email ID, website for your perusal.

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