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Reduce costs, speed service lines, and provide convenience to parents!

Serving as a bridge between students & institutes, we provide information and insight to students (&/or their family) about the institutes/courses & also actively support the institutes in increasing their visibility/marketability (to a larger pool of students) and facilitate in their enrolment process by providing them with an online admission management system integrated with a payment gateway.

With no rocket science involved and very simple to use, we give you an opportunity to leap into the amazing world of e-commerce.

Its your gateway to get away from the tedious task for manual disbursement & collection of applications.  Get your EnrolmentDesk account and enjoy the benefits of online enrolment at no arm and leg cost. Leave the task of enrolment on us, and save time to achieve your academic targets. Adopt EnrolmentDesk because we have the solution to your problems. We know our users and our application is as easy as a pie.

  • All kinds of application forms can be accepted.
  • No more spending on news paper and other advertisements.
  • No need to engage a dedicated staff for disbursement & collection of applications.
  • No more manual entry into the register.
  • No more dealing with Cash / Cheque.
  • Automatic transfer of fees to the Institute's bank account.
  • Highly-secure platform for Online transactions.
  • Huge Cost Savings.
  • Go greener with no more paper forms, invoices and envelopes.
  • Helps in attracting more application and increase the student pool to select from.
  • Add world class facility to your school and get widespread benefits & 'Branding'

Now a days payments through Internet are getting more & more in use. Customers & the general public almost expect a simplest and hassle free ways to payments. Nobody wants to stand in queue and wasting their precious time. So, we can say that the online services are becoming an essential part of business as well as social responsibility.

We work like a well oiled machine, and can assure you glitch free performance.

  • Increases geographic, cultural and ethnic diversity on your campus
  • Helps identify students you might otherwise miss
  • Reaches high-achieving students by listing your merit aid scholarships
  • Allows you to spend your time and resources on your highest quality prospects
  • Drives participation in your social media programs
  • Increase in student enrolment count
  • Reduction of load on enrolment administration
  • On schedule, hassle free cycle from admission to results
  • Life-long electronic data for instant retrieval
  1. What kind of institutions can use EnrolmentDesk.com?
    EnrolmentDesk works for all education institutions from Play schools to Post graduate institutions to social organizations to professional associations, irrespective of type or size of institution. Call us to learn more if you have any specific questions.

  2. How much setup time is needed to start offering online admissions?
    Contact - Register - Sign-up the agreement - Finalise the admission form template. Once the form is created we will review it and you should be able to offer online admission for your courses within three business day.>

  3. How many online admissions can we conduct & Does EnrolmentDesk offer any Free Trial?
    UNLIMITED. Institutions can offer as many online admissions as they want. Yes we do offer a free trial.

  4. How much is the cost if we decide to use EnrolmentDesk.com?
    Cost will vary depending upon how complex your admission requirements are. Call us so that we can learn more about your needs. But we can assure you will be surprised.

  5. What are different payment plans?
    EnrolmentDesk.com provides different billing options to institutional users as per their requirements.
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