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List of Smartkidz Preschools

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The aim and objective of Smartkidz is to offer Value Based Education, to mould children morally to face the challenges of modern day living and to give them practical and judicious combination of academic excellence and extracurricular activities / character building through a play way method.

They create a developmentally appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of each individual child, provide a developmentally appropriate program, which gives each child the time they need to grow, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

SMARTKiDZ programs are designed to stimulate the thinking process and development of skills in the young children according to the different age groups. The age groups are designed in such a way that the admission process in the primary section would be as per the age specified. This fine tuning is basically to instil the child to grasp the knowledge required as per the research on psychology and explore them using multiple skills.

We encourage our children to explore their environment and express themselves using various media of expression which includes speaking, singing, dancing, drawing, writing, music and skits etc.

List of Smartkidz pre-schools in India. Get details about Location, kindergarten programs, facilities, admission, forms, reviews and Apply Online

Smartkidz Playschools in Ahmedabad

Smartkidz Playschools in Bengaluru

Smartkidz Playschools in Guntur

Smartkidz Playschools in Hyderabad

Smartkidz Playschools in Indore

Smartkidz Playschools in Lucknow

Smartkidz Playschools in Mumbai

Smartkidz Playschools in Nagpur

Smartkidz Playschools in New Delhi

Smartkidz Playschools in Pune

Smartkidz Playschools in Secunderabad

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