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Academic Heights Public Schools - AHPS, Secondary and Senior Secondary CBSE Schools in Bellary India. Get Location, Curriculum, facilities, Admission and Contact details.

S. K. Educations Pvt. Ltd an ISO 9001:2008 organization, has initiated its model schools under the brand name of Academic Heights Public School. Incorporating a truly new-age academic metaphor, AHPS aims at enriching each student's intellect with higher degree of knowledge and moral values that go a long way in laying the foundation of a successful and contented life.

S. K. Educations, established in 1995, has proven its superiority in the arena of pre-school education in India with its benchmark Bachpan brand that is spread all across the country. With more than 1000 schools, Bachpan is now trusted and most cherished play school education brand for its great learning aids and education methodologies. And now AHPS has been conceived to extend the same proven education methodologies at the formal school level.

Academic Heights Public Schools, with its 100 schools across the country, strives to instill the value of education to the subconscious level of the students. Thus at AHPS, education is an inspiration not a compulsion. The intuitive instructional methods have been practiced to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of the pupils. The idea is to empower the students with creative and imaginative instincts that will give them better problem-solving skills in every aspect of life.

Academic Heights Public School - Bellary

State - Karnataka

District - Bellary

City - Bellary

Academic Heights Public School - Bellary, a CBSE School located in Bellary Karnataka, Pincode 583101
Academic Heights Public School (AHPS) a secondary and senior secondary CBSE School at Bellary Get Curriculum, facilities, Admission and Contact details. With years of conscientious efforts Bachpan has its own brand identity in all strata of the society and its schools in different geographical locat..
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Academic Heights Public Schools
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