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List of Sunshine Preschools

List of Sunshine Preschool and Daycare Chain by SatNav Group in India | Search Contact and Apply. Get details about Sunshine Preschool and Daycare - Location, kindergarten programs, facilities, admission eligibility and reviews

Sunshine India's 1st Preschool and Daycare Chain, is a venture of the SatNav Group. SatNav is a pioneer and leader in the Preschool cum Daycare concept in India since 2004, now present at 30+ locations in Twin Cities! Over 10,000 children have passed out of our institution's portals till date. Sunshine's multiple Daycare facilities for working parents ensure that there's a Preschool and 12+hour Day care facility close to either one's work place or home.

Sunshine caters to children from 12 months to 12 years. The School focuses on all facets of Child Development includingLinguistic, Physical, Socio-emotional, Cognitive and Creative areas. All areas of growth and development are given equal importance. Latest research in Early Childhood Education shows that the experiences in the early years (under 5 years) of a child shape what the child will be like as an adult. Sunshine keeps in mind that 50% of a child's cognitive development is over by age 5. Hence, we advocate that a preschool should be the preferred choice for parents rather than a regular school in those tender years.

Sunshine has consistently endeavoured to get closer to the customer by being in their immediate neighborhood or in the vicinity of the office. After opening the first center in Ameerpet in Jan 2005 the second center opened in partnership with Dr. Reddy's at Miyapur in Feb 2006 while the third one started in March 2007 at Begumpet. Sunshine at ISB was added in 2008 &a center at Novartis in 2009.

Sunshine Preschools and Daycare in Hyderabad

Sunshine Preschools and Daycare in Secunderabad

Sunshine Preschools and Daycare in Hanamkonda

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